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The third day of this week is Chocolate Day needs. Joyful Chocolate Day is well known yearly on February 9. Most individuals trade chocolate on today as a result of chocolate is such candy that it leaves a long-lasting impression on the thoughts. Browse quotes, pictures, and different data within the article.

Joyful Chocolate Day

The week of Valentine’s Day takes place from 7-14 February. Every day is critical and distinctive in its means. This week is extraordinary in all age teams, particularly the youth, as a result of it permits them to precise their emotions and love with their family members. The third day of Valentine’s week is Chocolate Day. On February 9, the chocolate day is well known, and you may trade candy, scrumptious goodies along with your particular somebody on today.

Ship scrumptious goodies, chocolate day messages, and chocolate quotes to precise how a lot you care about somebody. Chocolate symbolizes romance, making it the best reward for lovers. This chocolate day, ship scrumptious, distinctive chocolate day messages, Chocolate Standing, Chocolate Love Quotes, greetings pictures, images, and pictures to your close to and pricey ones. Make her really feel particular by sending a romantic chocolate standing message to her and him on WhatsApp, Fb, and any social networking website.

Joyful Chocolate Day Needs

Life is Like a Chocolate Field, Every Chocolate is sort of a portion of life, Some are crunchy some r nutty, Some r comfortable, however all r Scrumptious. Joyful Chocolate Day.

Dairy milk makes a chocolate, Elaichi enhances its flavour, Valentine day celebration, Improve closeness between two folks, And it’s you my pricey, who fragrances my life. Joyful chocolate day…..


I’m wishing you a really comfortable chocolate day my candy coronary heart, as goodies are vital for wholesome physique, And true and devoted love is important of comfortable life…….


I’ve a darkish chocolate for you, Particularly Bourneville, I’m right here with this particular chocolate, As each of us have been liked for years. Joyful chocolate day….


Gifting a field of goodies to mates is greatest solution to say every thing with out saying something orally, Identical to a real love, it speaks every thing with out conversating. Joyful chocolate day….

Joyful Chocolate Day Quotes

Your hand and your mouth agreed a few years in the past that, so far as chocolate is anxious, there isn’t a must contain your mind.

Don’t wreck a chic chocolate expertise by feeling responsible. Chocolate isn’t like premarital intercourse. It won’t make you pregnant. And it at all times feels good.

This can be a chocolate message, For a dairy milk individual, From a 5 star pal, For a melody cause, And a Kitkat time, On a munch day, In a perk temper to say, Joyful Chocolate Day.

Pretty Chocolate And Pretty You, And Pretty Are The Issues You Do, However The Loveliest Is The Friendship Of The Two, One Is Me And Different Is You!

Pretty chocolate and beautiful you, and beautiful are the stuff you do, however the loveliest is the friendship of the 2, one is me and different is you! Joyful chocolate Day!

Joyful Chocolate Day SMS

“The greetings of Chocolate Day are incomplete with out some goodies. Wishing you an superior Chocolate Day with numerous goodies.”

“Chocolate says I Love You a lot better than simply phrases. Wishing a really lovely and candy Chocolate Day.”

“Chocolate is an efficient solution to inform somebody who a lot you’re keen on them. On the event of Chocolate Day, I need to inform you that you’re very particular to me.”

“Heat needs on Chocolate Day to you. Could you get pleasure from today with the most effective of the goodies that you could share with the most effective of the folks round you.”

“The event of Chocolate Day reminds us all that life is all about spreading sweetness and happiness. Heat greetings on Chocolate Day to you.”

Joyful Chocolate Day Standing


मैं डेरी हूँ तू मिल्क है प्रिये,

मैं किट हूँ तू कैट है प्रिये,

मैं फाइव हूँ तू स्टार है,

वैसे ही मैं स्वीट तो तू मेरी स्वीटहार्ट प्रिये….

“हैप्पी चॉकलेट डे”

दिल हमारा चॉकलेट की तरह नाज़ुक,

तुम उसमे ड्राई फ्रूट्स का तड़का,

लाइफ होगी फ्रूट एंड क्यूट जेसी,

अगर मिल जाये गर्ल फ्रेंड तेरे जेसी,

!! हैप्पी चॉकलेट डे !!

आज चॉकलेट डे पर चॉकलेट तो खिलाओ,

मीठी मीठी कोई बात तो सुनाओ..

कब से तड़प रहे हैं हम आप के प्यार में,

आज तो हमे अपने गले से लगाओ…

मिठास भरी हुई हर ओर है,

लगे है जैसे खूबसूरत शमा पुर-जोर में है,

ढूँढा तोह पाया, आपकी है ये मिठास,

जो Chocolate की तरह छाई हर ओर है

                                                  Joyful Chocolate Day

अब छुपाओ बाते अपने दिल की

बड़ी खुबसूरत लगती हो तुम

जब पहनती हो साड़ी सिल्क की,

अब तो बाहों में भर लो क्युकि

लाया हूँ चाकलेट डेरी-मिल्क की….

Joyful Chocolate Day Photos

Happy Chocolate Day


We want you a really Joyful Chocolate Day!

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